Angela is the CPO of Lufthansa Group, which is one of the largest airline group in the world. She leads a team about 350 people and responsible for procurement strategy and execution for airline products service, food and beverage, flight operations and travel, logistics, technics, IT, fuel and general goods and services for the airlines within the group. 

Since the appointment, Angela has launched and led a bold transformational agenda which includes joint vision creation, next level strategic sourcing initiative and business partnering. Her team has gained the trust and improved collaboration with internal stakeholders. Under her inclusive leadership, her team is very highly motivated and achieved 40% more savings in 2019 than previous year.

In the recent crisis management, Angela led her team and managed professionally cash out activities while maintaining a high degree collaboration with their service partners.

Angela has a big heart on people development. She spend time to identify talents in the organization and provide various platform to talent to demonstrate their leadership potential.

Prior to LH group, Angela has worked more than 25 years at Siemens and ABB in procurement, supply chain and competence management. She is a founding member of The Conference Board of Global Business Women Leaders Council.