Angelique van der Burg

Executive Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, Infineon Technologies

Angelique is Executive Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer at Infineon Technologies. She believes that supplier relationships are critical to the success of the company. She is committed to building cooperative partnerships to create value, innovate and achieve sustainability targets. As a result, she is leading the transformation of procurement from a support function into a business function that doesn't just ‘acquire things from a vendor’, but ‘creates value with suppliers'. 

Angelique is a change leader. She has a track record of envisioning and delivering transformations. She is a driver of CO2 neutrality and aims to create an inclusive and diverse workplace. The German ´Handelsblatt´ recognized her in 2021 as one of Germany´s 100 most innovative female leaders who have the courage to lead change. 

Her vast experience across different parts of the value chain have provided her with an integral perspective and enable her to bring a holistic approach to both her procurement and supervisory board roles. This includes an earlier career in supply chain, followed by manufacturing, and development, before she established a new business line and latterly joined procurement. 

Over the years she has developed her perspective from business,  division to company level. In 2023, WeQual recognized her with an award stating ´her authority and reach is significant and transformational´. 

Angelique is a global citizen, having lived in six countries on three continents. She holds a Master of Science from University of Technology of Eindhoven and a Master of Business Administration from Rotterdam School of Management.