ANTONIA WANNER, Group Head of Procurement, Néstle

Antonia Wanner is Group Head of Procurement at Nestlé since July 2017. She is responsible for all Procurement activities at Nestlé. 

Career History

1996: In house Lawyer Nestlé Germany

1999: Local Buyer Nestlé Germany

2000: Local Group Manager, then European group manager 

2003: Head of Procurement Nestlé Germany

2007: Head of Global Procurement Excellence, Nestlé Group

2011: Leadership role in Sales Nestlé Germany, then Manager of CSV program for Nestlé Germany

2013: Group Head of Commodity Procurement

2017: Group Head of Procurement and Managing Director Nestrade Procurement Division 

More about Antonia

Antonia has two sons age 22 and 18 and lives in Switzerland together with her family.

She is a graduate from the University of Munich and has done her PHD in Law from the University of Bonn.