Johanna Hagelberg, Executive Vice President, Sourcing and Logistics, Stora Enso OYJ

Johanna Hagelberg is based in Stockholm and plays a leading role in Stora Enso’s group globally leading inbound and outbound supply.

She is passionate about working as a team seeing success as a joint effort together using business to develop and drive improvements systematically with common ambitions. Johanna has an especially keen interest in sustainability with triple bottom line thinking. When challenges arise she leans forward with a positive steady mind helping to find ways to manage proactively and reactively, having honed her expertise in many areas while working across various industries worldwide. She is always willing to learn new things keeping an open mind, at same time always clear with expectations.

Johanna is Executive Vice President Sourcing & Logistics Stora Enso Oyj and member of Group Executive Management Team Member since 2014. Prior to joining Stora Enso, Johanna was Chief Procurement Officer at Vattenfall AB from 2010 to 2013. She began her career in Automotive industry 1995 with Scania as well as General Motors, and later held leading Sourcing positions at NCC and RSA Scandinavia. She is currently a member of the Board of Bufab AB.


Johanna earned an M.Sc. Industrial Engineering & Management from Linköping University and M.Sc. Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems from Cranfield University. Outside work she supports the nearby community as chairman of the local association.

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