Patricia Stroup

Chief Procurement Officer, Nestlé

Patricia Stroup, a United States citizen residing in Switzerland, is an executive with extensive international experience in upstream supply chains, with specific expertise in the intersection of cost, sustainability and supply risk management as well as a unique background in food and agriculture.

Recognized as a dynamic and charismatic leader, Patricia is currently Chief Procurement Officer and Senior Vice-President of Nestlé SA, the world’s largest food and beverage company, and is also Chief Executive Officer of Nestrade, Nestlé’s global procurement entity. 

Patricia has a long history in business and food production, stemming from her early career running her own dairy farm in the United States. She later worked in government relations, sustainability, communications, business development, and supply chain for agricultural cooperatives and manufacturing companies before moving into an international business career seventeen years ago with Nestlé, living and working in North America, Asia and Europe.